Mindful Writing: Stone the Crows, Late Again

It does help if I type up the stones sitting in my notebook. Then I’ll only be four days behind. Below, three stones. Can you tell the kind of weather we are having?

Everything outside is grey,
even the rain with its half-
hearted mizzle.

Inside, on the stove,
a Le Creuset pot sits,
a bright orange enamel sun.

A gumball machine rests on the granite counter
top, its base a red enamel with chrome trim.

Cashews fill the glass globe.
Mist swallows the dreariness of grey
wraps buildings in silent shrouds.


6 thoughts on “Mindful Writing: Stone the Crows, Late Again

  1. Okay first, a joke: “What does Snoop Dog need an umbrella for?” …..drum roll….”why, for drizzle, of course!!!”

    Ah, I love mizzle…you made that up, right? It’s like halfassed drizzle…it’s mizzle. ha! That makes me smile!

    I love that you find, on such a overcomingly, (why isn’t overcomingly a word spell check?) gray day, that you find the sun in that beautiful enameled pot. Such a good way to find a ray of sunshine when it’s lacking.

    I just love all the textures you bring into this other on…the gumball machine full of cashews…MMM. I really want some cashews now…but I love the granite and chrome…red enamel.

    The shroud in your last…so tone setting and somber…

    These are ALL gems! Great writing, Margo! :)’s

    1. I’m grinning, Hannah.

      I had to go back up and look at the poems whence — not often one can use whence — I said Damn, I’m good!

      Yep, halfassed describes mizzle, as if the weather can’t be bothered to put any effort into it.

      Overcomingly — you have a defective spellcheck. Mine does not like it, but isn’t creating words fun?! 😀

      1. Smiling here, Margo!! I love it …that’s what writers do…create words and do happy dances from whence we can use words that we don’t often get the chance to use!! That might not be quite proper?!That’s alright though!

        Oh, these small-sweet-joys… *sigh*

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