Category: a river of stones

July River of Stones # 3 [57]

Kudzu winds
its constricting creeper
up the tree’s trunk
until it cuts off
all light
and air.


July River of Stones # 2 [56]

Terracotta pots,
a ruffle of green,
scarlet blooms –
eleven geraniums
line a white wall.

July River of Stones #1 [Fifty-second Stone]

This is how we begin today.

We notice one thing properly. We write it down.

It doesn’t matter how long it is, or how clever it is, or whether you’ve spelled it right.

It matters that you pause for a moment. It matters that you really hear the whirr of your lap-top, or the squeaky wheel as the cyclists passes you. It matters that you smell those tomatoes-on-the-vine and notice their earthy sweetness. It matters that you take a minute to skim your fingertips over your smooth silk shirt.

We notice one thing properly. We write it down.

So goes the opening message from Fiona and Kaspa. Here is my first stone for the month:

The seagull rides
the thermals
like a tightrope
walker–wings tipping
back and forth