Mindful Writing: She’s a Rolling Stone

How did I get from two behind to six behind?! I need to put myself in a corner and work on mindfulness.

An elderly man, white bearded,
blue jeaned, takes his time, bicycles
down the sidewalk along Peachtree
Road. He waves at a car. When
he turns back I see the parrot. A yellow
parrot with orange and green wings.

A man and his parrot. Cycling
along Peachtree one winter’s day.


5 thoughts on “Mindful Writing: She’s a Rolling Stone

  1. Such a vivid and intriguing little scene!!! I need to be where you are…where I am the most out of the ordinary thing is a guy in single digit degree weather running down the street top-less!! Hmmm I like your version better. 🙂

    1. If we hadn’t been in a car, I swear I would have stopped him. The parrot was so obviously used to the routine and perfectly comfortable riding on the man’s back.

  2. The hurriered I am the behinder I get. But it really doesn’t matter even if you don’t stop to post them …just stopping at unusual things. Parrots can be persnickety pets. The love routine and don’t like being left alone. My son had a friend who rode his unicycle everywhere. Usual for him I guess. Just like that parrot. 🙂

    1. I tell you, Jules, this time thing!

      In May I will be posting every day, the found poems that I am entering in a challenge every day in April, so I will be constant for one month!

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